Neurodot Site Česká verze
Welcome to the home page of Neurodot !

Neurodot is a Consultant and Software Development company founded in 2003. We have many years of experience developing software for big client companies and integrating heterogeneous systems.

Besides consultations, we also offer other services connected with the implementation of IT projects; our portfolio includes, among other things, design and implementation of tools for exchanging data between various platforms. With the solutions provided as part of consultations, we include both the source code and a licence to further develop them.

We are operating mainly as subcontractors to large integration projects in the area of Civil Service. Our biggest clients include Czech Social Security Administration, and Atos IT Solutions and Services.

In year 2008 we split our activities and moved those linked to the development and management of wide portal solutions to our subsidiary, Neurodot Consulting s.r.o. who has since become completely independent. Meanwhile, Neurodot s.r.o. has kept to consulting activities and development of large heterogeneous systems.

At the moment, our main activities centre around development for the .NET platform (C#, VB, Javascript); while nevertheless taking advantage of our previous experience working with both Unix platforms (C++) and mainframe computers (Cobol).

Our main strength is in our ability to link all of these IT worlds together.